Celebrating Radiographers and our Profession for World Radiography Day

As radiographers we are lucky to have some very good organisations who represent us at the national level and at the European level, we have strong representation through the European Federation of Radiographer Societies (EFRS) who celebrate their 10-year anniversary this November, making this World Radiography Day even more important. For 10 years, the EFRS have worked to unite, represent, promote, and develop the profession of radiography in Europe. The EFRS is comprised of a diversity of people, from many different nationalities, ethnicities, beliefs, custom’s and views; but all of us share the singularity of our common profession. We now represent more than 100,000 Radiographers and over 8,000 students across 36 countries. I am extremely proud of the radiographers across Europe who provide safe, high quality,
diagnostic imaging services and deliver cancer treatments.

The EFRS is built upon all the wonderful and dedicated radiographers who work tirelessly every day, delivering professional services to patients, educating and training radiographers, undertaking radiography research, and representing their colleagues at the local, national, and international levels. Radiography is multifaceted and multicolored jewel, with different branches aligned by a common dedication to the profession and the wish to ensure the safety of the patient. Having said that, it is essential that we continue to work hard to raise the profile of our profession. Earlier this year, following many years of lobbying, the EFRS announced a major step for radiographers in Europe when radiographers were finally granted recognition, by the European Commission European Skills, Competences, Qualifications and Occupations (ESCO), as ‘Professionals’ rather than as ‘Technicians and Associate Professionals’. We must build on this and make sure that, across Europe, radiographers raise their profile, and have a stronger voice, in healthcare circles, in education, in research, with national policies, and, most importantly, with patients and the general public. This is the focus of the recent EFRS public awareness campaign (#Radiographer2018). We want radiographers everywhere to be proud of their profession, to make sure that they always tell people that they are a radiographer, and also explain to people the important work we do. Think of the very important #HelloMyNameIs campaign and remember that:

Jonathan McNulty
President, European Federation of Radiographer Societies

“Together (as radiographers) everything is possible”


“Be involved and make a difference”

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