Gästblogg: What added value do I bring to the healthcare team?

Marie Culliton,
President EPBS

Dear Colleagues,

The European Association for Professions in Biomedical Science (EPBS) has been examining its vision of our future role in healthcare. This year our Conference in Salzburg will address this concept in 4 sessions:

• Educating For Value
• Regulating for Value
• Hidden Value
• Managing for Value

The 15th April, Biomedical Science Day, is coming up and I ask each of you to consider:

• What added value do I bring to the healthcare team?
• Am I confident that my knowledge, skills and competencies are up to date so that I can, and do, add value?

I read with horror that the truck used in the recent attack in Stockholm was stolen from outside Vårdförbundet and that many of our colleagues frequent the route used.
We may not necessarily see ourselves as being in the front line in healthcare. But as I consider the terrorist attacks which, sadly, are becoming so prevalent I realise that our role in emergency care is very important. We are prioritising our work to manage critical care patients and ensuring that blood and blood products are made available as quickly and safely as possible while ensuring that other investigations on trauma patients are prioritised.
But we can do more. Through our caring and professional approach, with a friendly smile, we can help patients and colleagues through difficult and uncertain times.

Best wishes to all my colleagues in Sweden on Biomedical Science Day 2017.
You are all in my thoughts. Let us all stay strong together.

Marie Culliton
President EPBS