Gästblogg: Biomedical Scientists as Diagnostic Partners

Marie Culliton

Dear Colleagues,
The European Association for Professions in Biomedical Science (EPBS) has been examining its vision of our future role in healthcare. This was addressed in Dublin in October 2014 at our inaugural conference day. This meeting was a sharing of ideas from members of our profession coming from 10 European countries and attended by members from over 20 countries. In spite of the different language, cultural and educational backgrounds I was very taken by the single thread which ran through this entire meeting.

  • Biomedical Scientists are Diagnostic Partners
  • Biomedical Scientist have a major contribution to make to patient health and wellbeing
  • Biomedical Scientists are adopters of change and new technologies
  • Biomedical Scientists are experts in their field; they need to recognise and use their expertise.
  • Biomedical Scientists need to share, and be proud of, their knowledge, skills and competencies.

So on this the 15th April, Biomedical Science Day, I ask each of you to consider:

  • What difference can I make to improve patient care?
  • What added value do I bring to the healthcare team?
  • What do I need to do to ensure that I reach my full potential as a Biomedical Scientist

Now I know there is ‘no I in team’ but if each of us does not consider ‘what do I bring to the team?’ then the team does not perform to its full potential.

So today take 15 minutes to consider your role and your future. What am I going to achieve to improve patient care this year?
Write it down and let’s look at it again next year!

Best wishes to all my colleagues in Sweden on Biomedical Science Day 2015.

Marie Culliton
President EPBS